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Waney Lap Fence Panels

Even though these panels are sold as our ‘economy’ panel they are still considerably heavier than most panels of this type, using up to 20% more timber in their construction than many other similar panels. Designed and manufactured in our own workshop from timber produced in own our sawmill or sourced from only two other UK sawmills that we consider to produce timber of a high enough quality to use in our fencing panels. The timber used in these panels is cut to a size to produce the strongest panel of this type whilst still fitting in a slotted concrete post. This panel has been designed to create the maximum number of overlap points which enables us to create 10 overlap joints on the panel framing which makes it a much stronger panel, rather than relying on the decorative boards to hold the panel frame together. Finally, the panel is capped by a chamfered capping rail to deflect the rainwater from the top of the panel and further strengthen the panel.

Waney Panels are available in the following standard sizes,

6’ x 6’ (1829mm x 1829mm) Plus Cap

6’ x 5’ (1829mm x 1524mm) Plus Cap

6’ x 4’ (1829mm x 1219mm) Plus Cap

6’ x 3’ (1829mm x 914mm) Plus Cap


Colours available are Gold, Brown or Pale Green

    PriceFrom £20.00
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