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Closeboard Fencing Panels

Closeboard Fencing Panels

Closeboard Fence Panels, also known as Feather Edge Panels, are amongst the strongest and best looking panels available on the market today that will still fit in slotted concrete posts. Designed and manufactured in our own workshop from timber produced in own our sawmill or sourced from only two other UK sawmills that we consider to produce timber of a high enough quality to use in our fencing panels. The framework of the Closeboard Panel is laid out in such a way that each batten locks two others together to produce the strongest framework possible, all of these panels are finally capped with a chamfered capping rail to help deflect rainwater from the top of the panel and further strengthen the finished panel.

Closeboard Panels are available in the following standard sizes,

6’ (1829mm) x 6’ (1829mm H inc Cap)

6’ (1829mm) x 5’6” (1666mm H inc Cap)

6’ (1829mm) x 5’ (1516mm H inc Cap)

6’ (1829mm) x 4’ (1216mm H inc Cap)

6’ (1829mm) x 3’ (916mm H inc Cap)


Colours available are Gold, Brown or Pale Green

    PriceFrom £30.00
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