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Astley Fencing Ltd is a fencing manufacturer based near Cosby in Leicestershire

Experience counts

Astley Fencing Ltd was established nearly forty years ago in Cosby, Leicestershire by Dave, a design and production engineer who chose to produce things in timber instead of steel, but still maintaining the high standards learnt from his engineering background. From this small beginning (as a one man band, but keenly supported by his wife), the business grew year on year as people realised there was an alternative to the mass produced products generally available on the market and preferred to support a local business with an eye for detail and quality.


You can now buy fencing products online from our store

Over the last thirty years, the company has grown considerably and has established Astley Fencing Ltd as one of the largest fencing manufacturers in the Midlands. We remain one of the very few in the whole of the UK that also run their own sawmill and pressure treatment facilities on site ensuring control throughout the whole production process.

Astley Fencing Ltd caters for a wide variety of customers, from those that simply want replacement timber to repair a fence to supplying builders and contractors with all materials needed to fence a complete garden plus railway sleepers and decking for landscaping projects. Astley Fencing Ltd products are stocked throughout the UK, and whilst demand for products has increased over the years, the company motto remains the same - ‘If it’s not good enough for us, why should it be good enough for you’.

A graphic coverage area map showing Leicestershire and Warwickshire

Our delivery coverage area

Based in Cosby, we cover all of the surrounding areas of Leicestershire and Warwickshire including:

  • Broughton Astley

  • Lutterworth

  • Rugby

  • Oadby

If you buy fencing products from our store, we can also deliver further afield, please call the office and we will be happy to help.


If you are looking to buy fencing products and need a little help, please give us a call or drop us an email, we will be happy to help you.

Holt House Farm,
Lutterworth Rd, Cosby,
Leicester, LE9 1RH

T: 01455 202128

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